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Selling Your House: 3 Reasons You Should Improve Your Landscape.


Have you ever driven through a nice neighborhood and been blown away by the beautiful landscaping? Quality yards (calculate your investments and profit are a universal aspect of most nice neighborhoods. An excellent landscape helps a house along in giving it a desirable outward appearance  an appearance that is absolutely critical to those looking to sell a piece of property. At B & D Rockeries, we offer rockery services that will boost the appearance of your landscape. We also offer seattle retaining wall services.

Appearance is a huge factor in getting your property ready for the market. Here are three reasons why yard aesthetics is so important:

First Impressions Equal Everything

As a potential homebuyer drives up to your house, you want them to be immediately impressed by what they see. Studies suggest that homebuyers make a purchasing decision on a house within eight seconds of first seeing it, meaning your house has eight seconds to thoroughly impress them. While there are several factors, which influence the outside appearance of your house, a houses landscaping is oftentimes the largest and most immediately notable feature.

Excellent Landscaping Encourages Potential Homebuyers

Even after the first eight seconds of seeing a house, a homebuyer is still significantly influenced by the quality of your houses landscape. A beautiful rock wall gives interest and character to a front yard. A terracing waterfall gives a backyard a peaceful, relaxing environment. A hedge of arborvitaes around your yard gives your house a sense of privacy. Effects like these are foundational in creating a good impression on a potential homebuyer. On the flip side, if your houses landscaping is lousy, a would-be homebuyer can be altogether turned off from buying your house.

Improved Landscaping Increases the Value of a Home

Not only does an improvement in a houses landscape increase its likelihood to be sold, but an investment in a excellent landscape increases a home’s value. A study from Clemson University shows that consumers value a home with landscaping about 11% higher than its base price. On top of that, a landscape upgrade from good to excellent increased the value of a home by 7%. This means a simple $5,000 landscape upgrade on a $500,000 house could potentially increase a home’s value by $35,000!

Clearly, if you’re looking to sell a house, improving your landscaping will bring you better profits when you sell your house. Considering a yard makeover before releasing your house into the market is highly recommended.